Vincent Callebaut

Vincent Callebaut was born in Belgium, he graduated in architecture in 2000 from the Victor Horta Institute of the Faculty of Architecture of the Free University of Brussels. He will receive a scholarship “Leonardo da Vinci” and will work there for two years for the urban architects Odile Decq and Massimiliano Fuksas. He will found his architectural design office “Vincent Callebaut Architectures”.

True visionary, his imagination fueled by the idea of ​​repatriating agriculture to the center of cities, they propose multiple architectural projects on the city of tomorrow. A city where the habitat is in harmony with nature, where beauty is constantly present and evolving with time. And icing on the cake, nurturing and self-sufficient in energy.

This discovery space has an objective; showcase the work of a talented architect “Vincent Talbot” and showcase his projects. His work brings us a breath of fresh air in this period of uncertainty, a period that will require an incalculable effort to improve and take care of our environment.

Following my descent into this extraordinary universe, hope is reborn, that of a planet where beauty reigns, ecological balance, a world where nature and the city coexist.

It’s a colorful journey, a pleasure for the eyes and a new wave of hope.

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