Green Horizon aims to create a mental projection of our environment, we will imagine a world where the dominant color is green, where nature reigns supreme and where man lives in perfect harmony with it. The buildings are ecological and respectful of the environment.

The process is simple, take a picture of a place, make a touch up or edit to give more life to the space and for nature to be more present. Upload your creation to the exact GPS coordinates so that all users can enjoy your vision of Green Horizon.

We will also show places with ecological architectures. Human achievements that move towards the beauty of nature.

Let your imagination express itself!

Green Horizon

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Gardens by the Bay: 1.277000, 103.862000
Botanic Center: 50.855900, 4.367200
25 Verde: 44.989400, 7.479620
Mur végétal - Raoul Dufy: 48.865400, 2.390500
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Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay est un parc naturel couvrant 101 hectares (2 hectares) de terres récupérées dans la région centrale de Singapour, à proximité du réservoir de la marina. Wikipedia ...

Marina South Singapore
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Botanic Center
Le Botanique

L’architecte belge Vincent Callebaut revient avec un nouveau projet, toujours très vert : métamorphoser un immeuble de béton du centre de Bruxelles en bâtiment vivant

recouvert de plantes.

Rue Royale - Koningsstraat Région de Bruxelles-Capitale - Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium
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25 Verde
25 Verde
Via Chiabrera 25 Piemonte, Italy
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Mur végétal - Raoul Dufy
Raoul-Dufy : mur végétal

Mur végétal extérieur de 144 m2 et d’une jardinière de 71m2

1 Rue Raoul Dufy Île-de-France, France

How to participate in the Green Horizon project?

If you do not have the graphic knowledge or the means to make a montage giving more life to an existing place, do not hesitate to browse the Internet in search of new places. Highlight the efforts of those who work for the well-being of the environment. Once your diamond discovered, you can send us an email that will contain: :

• The name of the place
• A short description of up to 100 words
• GPS coordinates or address
• A link to the website providing a more complete description of the location (if possible)
• One or more images

Once the elements are received, our team will carry out the checks and add the elements in the Green Horizon map..

We thank you for the gift offered to humanity.

Add a picture Green Horizon

Upload files

After receiving your image, we will study its conformity with the project theme. It will be published on the Map.

Feel free to share our page on social networks so that each individual can participate in this virtual adventure or feels concerned by its environment..

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